Donate to the NRVC

Donate to the NRVC

NRVC Endowment Fund for the Future

By National Office

A note from the Director of Development

This year began with the announcement of two grants to the NRVC. We are grateful for the support from both the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and the GHR Foundation. Now the work begins in earnest to accomplish our goals with these new initiatives and to serve each of our members through this assistance. The Spirit beckons us to be fearless in following Christ through vowed religious life in community, prayer, mission, and ministry; to live interculturally and intergenerationally across multiple frontiers.

As the Director of Development for the NRVC, I have seen first-hand the generous giving nature of our members, their communities and institutes, foundations, and individual supporters. I am in awe that we are well on our way to establishing the new NRVC Endowment Fund for the Future. The key objective is to increase funding to help support NRVC’s programming and services without interruption. Basically, it will allow NRVC to transform and grow into the future. This in turn will help secure the future of religious life through vibrant vocation ministries, extensive vocation promotion and training, and continued contribution to a culture of discernment and vocation awareness.

I am more than happy to have a discussion with your community regarding our important development goals, be it the NRVC Endowment Fund for the Future or the Misericordia Scholarship Appeal, a planned future gift, or the Annual Report. Your generosity continues to be an inspiration. Thank you.

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For more information contact
Phil Loftus, Director of Development

We are: 

  • the official religious vocation conference for religious institutes in the United States as recognized by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USSCB.)
  • the professional organization for religious vocation directors whose primary goal is to help women and men discern a religious vocation, assess candidates interested in becoming Catholic sisters, brothers, and priests, and welcome new members to religious life.
  • nearly 1000 members strong representing over 275 religious institutes and organizations in 28 countries.
  • providing those in vocation ministry the tools they need to effectively promote vocations,  invite others to consider religious life, and assist in the discernment process.
  • creating exceptional events and relevant resources for spiritual and personal growth which positively impact the future of religious life.
  • educating, connecting, and inspiring all those interested in the future of religious life, including young Catholics inquiring about vocation discernment each year.
  • initiating and sponsoring groundbreaking research on religious life, including the 2020 and 2009 Recent Study on Vocations, the 2012 Study on Educational Debt and Religious Vocations, the 2014 Study on Incorporating Cultural Diversity in Religious Life, and the 2015 Study on the Role of Family in Nurturing Vocations. 
  • updating the Religious Life Today Storymap based on the NRVC's 2020 Study on Recent Vocations. This new resource brings the research to life and we hope to inspire broad engagement around the results of this research. As you scroll through the features of the storymap, we hope you will experience renewed hope in the future of religious life.
  • publishing professionally recognized resources including VISION Vocation Guide,,, and HORIZON Journal.
  • in need of your help to successfully create a culture of encounter, engagement, and vocations to showcase the future vitality of religious life.

Donate today!

For more information contact
Phil Loftus, Director of Development

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